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We stored our property with PODS in Riverside, CA for two years during a move from another state. We purchased our own insurance for the property as it was equivalent to or better than the insurance that they offer through one of the great insurance companies out there. USAA We paid them to take our property from our home store it in what they said would be secure, dry, and a temperature controlled environment. We agreed to the normal indemnity clause and storage at your own risk clauses. However, two years latter when we opened up the unit, it had sever smoke damage due to industrial smoke from trucks or the equivalent, heat damage to items and property near the top of the unit, and had clear signs of water damage to the unit that was not there when we started the contract. Also many items even though protected had just been banged up severely beyond normal storage and transportation. Personal insurance does not cover for industrial smoke or transportation damage only fire and accidental or theft. They see those issues as fault with carriers and service providers. Nonetheless, we sent them pictures of the sever damage to our POD outside unit which clearly shows they mishandled the unit. There were holes on the outside of the unit that broke and cracked the inside wood walls. Structural beams were jarred out of place. The roof had water soiled depressions over 3 feet in size and the spring system on the roof was crushed and bent. The rivets that secure the insulation around the top of the unit were popped out, broken or missing. They are not forthcoming about what happened to the unit as well as where it was really stored. We had black soot like material coating everything that seeped under protective plastic on the furniture, wood furniture had signs of top fading where exposed and heat damage to leggs, tape virtually melted and cracked on top boxes and articles, candles distorted and twisted like oak trees and the dents and scratches to the furniture even though protected by cloths were out of the normal. We sent them photos, had insurance adjusters come out and look and sent the reports. The conclusion of all investigation is that they did not store the unit as promised in their contract with us and are now standing behind indemnity clauses to say they are not responsible when clearly they do not handle people's property in the manner and care in which they advertise and promise. They never bothered to come over and look at the damage why the unit was with us for over a month and during our complaint. Customer service did not seem interested in solving the issue. They did not return calls the first or second time and had to be contacted several times before any response. Finally a month later they just asked for some photos. In the end all they had to say was they are not responsible and deny any claim that we have and have offered no reasonable relief to help cover the cost of repairing or even cleaning our property.

We are very disappointed. They took a of $187.00 a month for two years and we were stuck with damaged property due to their negligence and ability to properly store our valuables the way they said they would. Very dishonest, irresponsible, and unwilling to help or show they even care. Renters and movers BeWare!

We made a FaceBook page with all the photos and complete complaint.

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I will sue!

The problem we believe is all resolved now, however, we have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and agree to take down and / or mark as resolved all complaints pressed on the over 30 consumer complaint sites we had listed our complaint with. We were asked if we could please stop the influx of complaint mail and exposure from all the different sites we were distributing through.

It's not always the complaining that works though, you need to have good data and documentation when getting to it.

Thank you to anyone who clicked and supported! :zzz
to mrindianajones #1243603

I received my pod today after 2 yrs and my contents are ruined. Mold and bugs.

I am beyond distraught and can't believe it. I paid for a climate controlled indoor facility and it was very obvious that it was not stored that way. I can't believe that a company would do this to people.

Please help with advice. Everything I own was in this POD.

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